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AI: Is It Okay to Use?

Patricia Walls

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to create a variety of products, from self-driving cars to virtual assistants. Now, AI is being used to write books.

AI-generated books are created using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. These algorithms are trained on large datasets of text, such as books, articles, and other sources. The algorithms then learn to recognize patterns in the text and generate new text that is similar to the original.

The process of writing a book with AI is surprisingly simple. First, the user selects a dataset of text to use as a source. This could be a collection of books, articles, or even tweets. The user then selects a style of writing they want the AI to emulate. This could be a particular author’s style, or a genre of writing.

Once the dataset and style are selected, the AI begins to generate text. The user can then review the generated text and make changes as needed. The AI can also be trained to recognize certain words or phrases and generate text that is more in line with the user’s desired style.

The potential applications of AI-generated books are vast. AI can be used to create books quickly and efficiently, allowing authors to focus on other aspects of the writing process. AI can also be used to generate books in different languages, allowing authors to reach a wider audience.

AI-generated books are still in their infancy, but the potential for this technology is immense. As AI continues to evolve, it will become increasingly capable of creating books that are indistinguishable from those written by humans.  

For instance, I used AI to create this article.  The rest of this article is "me" though.  Read on. 

I resisted AI for a long time. There are tons of programs and beliefs about the dangers of it.  Everything from big brother uses it to control and manipulate us to how they use it to gather information on us.  This is not new news.  Just about everything we do is "known" and they have been using AI to do it.  So, should we use what is already known, tested and perfected?  I say yes.  Within reason, of course.  I wouldn't write an entire book using AI. 

I do, however use it to write outlines, give me book title ideas, keywords, categories, write descriptions and even research.  It has saved me tons of time.  It has also saved me the money I would normally pay someone to assist with the outline, book description, keywords and categories, formatting and promotion. So, it has been totally worth my investment.  If you would like to check it out for yourself, I will share the link below.

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