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Patricia Walls

Patricia Walls is an international speaker, spiritual mentor, artist, author, alternative healer, and empowerment coach. She is highly respected in her spiritual community as an expert in light language and spiritual growth and empowerment. Patricia has been teaching and guiding individuals on their spiritual journey for over 40 years. She is passionate about helping people discover their true potential and reach their highest level of spiritual growth. Patricia has written several books on light language and spiritual growth and empowerment, and has been featured in numerous interviews, podcasts, and radio shows. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops around the world. 

Patricia is a passionate advocate for spiritual growth and empowerment and is dedicated to helping people find their true purpose and reach their highest potential.

"I had the pleasure of hearing Patricia Walls speak at a recent conference. Her words were inspiring and motivating. She spoke with passion and conviction, and her message was clear and concise. She was able to connect with the audience and provide us with valuable insight and advice. She was an excellent speaker, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker."

Jennifer Townsend Piper 

Motivational Program

1 Hr Keynote / / $5,000

This one-hour keynote is designed to help participants identify and develop the skills and strategies needed to reach their highest potential. Through a combination of engaging stories, thought-provoking activities, and interactive exercises, attendees will gain the tools and insights needed to unlock their inner strength and achieve their goals. The program will leave participants feeling empowered and motivated to take action and create positive change in their lives. 

Inspirational Program 

1.5 Hr Keynote / / $7,000

This 1.5 hr keynote program is designed to inspire and motivate participants to develop the skills and strategies needed to create positive changes in their lives. Through interactive activities, group discussions, and self-reflection, participants will gain insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use them to create meaningful and lasting change. The workshop will also provide practical tools and techniques to help participants create and maintain positive habits and behaviors and develop a plan for achieving their goals.

Positive Transformation Workshop

1 Day Workshop / / $9,000

This 1-day Positive Transformation Workshop is designed to motivate and inspire the participants to reach their highest potential. Through a combination of storytelling, interactive activities, and thought-provoking questions, this program will help your group to identify their goals, develop strategies to reach them, and create a plan for success. We will explore the power of positive thinking, the importance of setting goals, and the value of taking action. We will also discuss how to stay motivated and focused on achieving success. By the end of the keynote, yourgroup will have the tools and knowledge to reach their goals and make their dreams a reality.

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