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Neuro Editing Hypnosis for Learning

Patricia Walls

Neuro-Editing allows you to hear several tracks that overlap with each other penetrating deep into your subconscious so it can release old toxic programming that no longer serves you. You’ll experience a much higher level of relaxation, instant calm, improved sense of well-being, protection from stress-related diseases, learn on fast track, resurgence of abundance and manifestations and many other physical and emotional benefits. 

"Never stop learning" is one of my favorite statements.  Energy is in constant movement and why shouldn't you be? 

I am an Aries.  Patience is not my greatest trait.  And, when I want something, I want it. It's the fire.  It's like that with learning, expanding, healing, knowing.  

For years I have a habit that would drive most people crazy.  Unless it's a movie that I am interested in, I never just do one thing at a time.  Well, even when I am watching a movie, I am doing other things so that's not a true statement.   

I am a huge fan of healing and growth tools.  Two of my favorites are Tamra Oviatt's Sacred Activations and Gary Douglas' Access Consciousness.  play several things at onces.  Sometimes I don't use headphones though. Instead I just let it run 

Question, can you train your brain to focus on multiple conversations at one time?